The Jessica Journals:

July 03, 2007: The End Of The Podcast

I am sorry to have to announce that Talking Entertainment - The Number One Podcast In The World* starring Jessica Menn and Rick Kelvington has definitely come to an end. Rick might be continuing with it, but I will not be. We said that we were either going to make podcast history or collapse in on ourselves like dying stars. We opted for the latter option.

I would like to thank all the people who tuned in and enjoyed the show. I personally had a lot of fun making the show, and I regret that we were unable to make the show work and bring you enjoyment for months or years to come. But, as the inimitable Captain Kirk once so aptly put it, c'est la vie.

Thank you all for listening to the few podcasts that we did produce and for being so supportive for the brief time we were on the air. I really appreciated it.



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