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Tapestry of Power

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Eat Drink and Be Merry
Chapter 2: For Tomorrow We Die
Chapter 3: The Mountains of Lathinor
Chapter 4: Times of Trouble
Chapter 5: The Forest of Raia-Torell
Chapter 6: The Council of the Three Realms
Chapter 7: City of Darkness
Chapter 8: In the Company of Wood Elves
Chapter 9: The Night of the Feast
Chapter 10: Escape From Darkness
Chapter 11: On the Road to Jwassax
Chapter 12: The Dungeon of the Palace
Chapter 13: The Garden and the Inn
Chapter 14: Conflicts of Interest
Chapter 15: Hatred, Anger, and Despair
Chapter 16: The Falling Darkness
Chapter 17: Reunion
Chapter 18: The Darkness of Leilaora
Chapter 19: Haflashon
Chapter 20: Memories
Chapter 21: Darkness of Heart
Chapter 22: Darkness of Spirit
Chapter 23: Defeat
Chapter 24: Two Battles
Chapter 25: The Mountains of Scalavori
Chapter 26: Return
Chapter 27: The Rising Storm
Chapter 28: The Battle
Chapter 29: Farewell
Chapter 30: Far Distant Suns